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Email on Hosting or off hosting

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Website is important but the ability to send and receive emails per your domain is most important. With pretty much all hostings now offering Cpanel including Godaddy, creation of email right in your hosting account is very easy and straightforward. Possible issues with emails on website Hosting Space How many of us have seen issues […]

Take care of your website. Do backups

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Web owners worst nightmare! The Story, or should I say can be your worst nightmare if you are not serious about web site maintenance : John Doe has an e-commerce website. Just updated new products, holidays are near and the owner is hoping to achieve desired profits and forcasting increase in sales. Just spent $1000 […]

Web security. Take it seriously

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Ten must things to do for website security In the ever changing world of world wide web, it is imerative to give a utmost importance to website security, both hosting as well as in coding. ┬áThe steps taken will ensure trouble free website working as well as minimizing the chances of your sites getting hacked, […]

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